• 5 Essential Questions to Ask Your Fence Contractor

    Most of the time, when having your fence installed, there are a significant number of things you need to know before the contractor gets down to business. Most homeowners don’t go the extra mile to question the contractors or end up asking them the wrong questions at the end. To get the most reliable fencing service, these are some of the questions you should focus on asking your contractor.

    1. Do you use sub-contractors?

    It is vital to understand the person on the grounds completing the installation of the fence. The use of sub-contractors is becoming a common practice. The difference between work done by a contractor and a sub-contractor is noticeable. A subcontractor will be paid on installing the fence and might be in a hurry to get more money elsewhere. However, for a company that uses their own contractor, they will be keen to focus on the job and ensure quality delivery.

    2. What kind of lumber do you use?

    You might have never thought of this, but the quality of the lumber might affect how long your fence lasts and the overall beauty of your home. You may want to ask your contractor which lumber they will be using and carry some background research to see whether it is a perfect fit for your home.

    3. How quickly can you start?

    You must be informed on how long they will take before they start on the project. It is not good to be left in the dark and speculating when the job is going to start. You should also ask them how long they think the process is going to take. You don’t want to have your yard dug for weeks without any notable progress.

    4. How and when do I pay?

    You need to negotiate with your contractor when you are supposed to pay and the total amount that will be incurred. You don’t want to have financial inconveniences when the job is already done and payments are due.

    5. What unexpected costs might arise?

    This is an often-overlooked question, but it could mean a lot. It will help you prepare psychologically and financially for any extra costs that you might incur.

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