• 5 Factors to Consider When Building a Fence

    Many homeowners choose to build a fence around their yards. A fence can add value to your property, and a new fence is a great way to boost curb appeal. Here are five factors to consider when selecting your new fence.


    The maintenance your fence will need is an important consideration. Chain link, aluminum, and vinyl fences typically require little or no maintenance. Wooden fences need more upkeep; they will need to be repainted after a few years.

    Intended Use

    The type of fence you should install depends on the reason you need it. If your fence will be for security, you’ll need it to be tall and difficult to scale. For privacy, choose solid fencing. A rail fence or a picket fence can be installed if you want to decorate your landscape or establish property lines.


    Different building materials are better adapted to different climates. For example, wood is susceptible to moisture damage, so you may wish to consider another material if you live in an area with frequent rain. A fencing contractor can recommend the best option for your area and climate.

    HOA Regulations

    Some homeowner’s associations regulate the color and height of your fence. They may also stipulate what materials you can use. Some HOAs will require a construction permit before you can build a fence. If your neighborhood has an HOA, make sure you understand the requirements before you install your new fence.


    Your budget will affect the type of material you can select for your fence. The price of your fence will depend on the material you choose, and also on the size of the fenced-in area.

    With these tips, you can choose a fence that will make a perfect addition to your home. Contact us to learn more.