• 5 Reasons to Add a Pergola to Your Deck

    If you want to spruce up your deck and your backyard, a great way to do it is with a pergola. A pergola can transform your backyard into an appealing outdoor living space. Here are five benefits of adding a pergola to your deck or patio.


    A pergola is a good option if you want to add a shaded area to your deck. A traditional pergola has open beams across the top, creating a roof-like effect. Some pergolas feature canopies which you may open and close as you need to. You can enjoy the outdoors while being protected from the sun.

    Defined Space

    A pergola is a great way to define your outdoor space without making it feel smaller. It creates a defined area for dining or gathering with family and friends. Add screens or drapes to your pergola to create more privacy.

    Add Beauty with Climbing Plants

    Pergolas allow you to add additional garden space to your landscape. With a pergola, vines, ivy, and climbing flowers will thrive in your backyard. These climbing plants will give you even more privacy and shade. Another option is to hang planters from the pergola’s beams.


    If you’re looking for an inexpensive home improvement project, a pergola is a great option. Pergolas are inexpensive, and they do not take a long time to build. But they make a big difference in your backyard. A pergola is an affordable way to add beauty and value to your property.

    Increase Property Value

    Not only will a pergola benefit you while you’re living in your home, it will also add value if you plan to sell your house. Outdoor living spaces appeal to many potential buyers. A pergola will make your deck a selling point if you ever place your home on the market.

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