• 5 Ways to Personalize Your Deck Design

    Building a deck can be a great addition to your home and a fun way to spend the warm weather months. A deck can improve your home value along with the look and feel of your backyard. Of course, most people build a deck for more personal reasons.

    Bring your preferences to the table and personalize your deck design for maximum enjoyment of your home. Here are five great ways to personalize any deck design:

    Custom Deck Railings

    Take your time choosing the deck railings, or even design your own and have them made. Maybe you want a railing that is a good height for family and friends to lean on when you host a get-together. Perhaps you throw several barbeques during the summer season and want your guests to have a place to set their cups and plates. You can even install railings with closer balusters (vertical posts) so kids and pets are safe on the raised deck.

    Multi-Level Deck Design

    Instead of a single level for your raised deck, consider adding two or three levels. Use deck steps or the natural shape of your yard to give your deck a sense of depth. You can step down into a lovely cooler area or make a more gradual transition from house height to ground height. You can create an elegant valley or a stairstep progression of deck levels.

    Ring a Tree with Your Deck

    Trees can become a beautiful part of your deck. If there’s already a tree in your planned deck area, ring it with deck boards instead of cutting it down. Build a ring bench and make the tree a part of a unique and eye-catching deck design.

    Build an Outdoor Deck Kitchen

    An outdoor kitchen is a great way to make your deck a social hotspot for family and visiting friends. Install a barbecue or even a fire-free electric grill under a covered portion of your deck and bring out the patio furniture for an ideal outdoor barbecue space.

    Install a Deck Swing

    Last but certainly not least, everyone loves a deck swing. Install a hanging or rocking swing large enough for at least two people to enjoy the evening together. With a few clever mounting points, you can incorporate the perfect location for a hammock into your deck design.

    Possibilities are endless. Don’t believe us? Browse through our Deck Gallery. Ready to talk about your home deck building plans? Contact AllStar Fence & Deck today!