• Can Your Yard Benefit From a Privacy Fence?

    When considering a fence for your yard, you have a wide variety of options available to you. Some go with an ornamental style for aesthetic reasons, and some lean more towards a style of fence that serves a functional purpose. Ideally, you want both aesthetic and purpose in your new fence. When considering a privacy fence, yes, the main goal is to give your yard more privacy, but when looking at different designs, what specific purpose does this privacy fence need to serve?

    A Need For Privacy

    Just a glance from your neighbor while they are out doing yard work can make your backyard feel like a public space. It can be uncomfortable and not a place you can relax in. A privacy fence, which the most common options come in 6 feet or 8 feet tall, can block out your backyard from the rest of the world. You can lounge on your back patio and not even know your neighbor is outside too.


    Any fence is a good investment for those with pets or children. You can allow them outside without having to worry that they will wander off. A privacy fence is just an extra layer of protection. Since no one can see in or out of it, your dogs won’t bark at anyone passing by and anyone passing by won’t be able to see your children playing.


    Privacy fences provide privacy for not just people, but for objects as well. Some use a privacy fence to obscure their junk pile from complaining neighbors or to block their home from a street view. Others use their privacy fence to prevent their lavish backyard patio from making their house a target for thieves. It is security both because the fence is difficult to climb over and it is not something that people can see through to the other side.

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