• Choosing the Perfect Fence for Your Yard

    With so many styles, materials, and options out there, choosing the right fence for your yard or property may seem daunting at first. But, not to worry, by answering a few simple questions, you’ll be on your way to having the perfect fence in no time. The main reason you need a fence may be…


    If you’re longing to truly relax in your backyard without that “being watched” feeling, a privacy fence may be exactly what you need. Besides choosing a fence without spaces between the boards, you should select the material which best suits your lifestyle. Wooden privacy fences are beautiful and bring a sense of design and order to the space, but they do require routine maintenance such as staining, painting, or weather treatments. If you’d prefer something with low to almost no maintenance, consider going with vinyl or other wood alternative material. While these may cost more upfront, your work is done once you’ve had it installed.


    To keep out both intruders and animals, select a fence which is at least eight feet high. Like a privacy fence, a fence used for security purposes should have no spaces between boards, but you’ll want to make sure the rails are vertical. These are much more difficult to climb than horizontal rails or boards. A chain-link fence is the most economical, but a wooden or vinyl fence offers the most security.

    To Keep Pets Contained

    A standard, chain-link fence three to four feet high should be sufficient to keep most animals in. However, for larger dogs, or those who enjoy the challenge of a good jump, you’ll need something higher. So know your pets and measure accordingly. (If you have an outdoor cat, you’re on your own. A fence has yet to be developed which will keep a cat in!) If your animals are diggers, the fence should be placed at least six inches below ground.

    To Beautify My Property

    Sometimes when it comes to the view, less is more. If there’s an unsightly house, lot, or building you’ve grown tired of looking at, blocking the offensive sight with the perfect fence will instantly beautify your yard. It needs to be high enough to effectively conceal what’s on the other side and solid enough so the unwanted view doesn’t “leak through.” If a traditional privacy fence doesn’t fit the budget, consider more of a tall, picket-fence style and reinforce it with some decorative lattices and climbing plants.

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