• Curb Appeal, Functionality and Value of a Deck

    A deck is an awesome enhancement to your home. In addition to providing a new look, a deck creates a versatile living space and increases property value.


    Custom deck designs do not need to be complex to be striking. With a variety of materials to choose from and thoughtful planning, even a simple design transforms the look of your home and outdoor space.

    Choose from exotic woods or composite material. Create a rustic atmosphere or a modern chic outdoor space. A new deck provides an opportunity to express your unique style, and neighbors will surely take notice.

    Living Space

    A deck does more than improve the look of your home. It creates additional and highly versatile living space. It’s a perfect setting for a birthday party, family event, and every summer holiday celebration! The added living space provides fresh air and roomy accommodations for your guest while minimizing damages caused by spilled drinks or other accidents inside the home.

    Avoid stains on carpets or a broken vase and enjoy visiting with your guests. The deck’s durability provides a place to gather with family and friends often, with decreased wear on the property than indoor celebrations.

    Day-to-Day Use

    After the party, a few strategically placed plants and patio furniture transforms your deck into a place to relax for the entire family.

    You’ll enjoy the beauty and functionality of your deck the entire time you call this house your home; just imagine sitting outside to have a cup of coffee in the morning or winding down your day with a good book.

    Increases Property Value

    This added living space will be the setting of priceless memories with family and friends. When you decide to move, the deck continues to benefit homeowners. It’s an investment that offers a 100% return in value. In addition, curb appeal improves the chances of your property selling quickly while attracting more interest.

    Few home improvement projects offer so many benefits to homeowners as installing a deck. It is a beautiful and practical way to add both immediate and future value to your home.

    Don’t hesitate to explore your deck options and contact AllStar Fence and Deck for a free quote or simply browse through our Deck Gallery to see how a simple design can make a noticeable difference.