• Enhance Your Home with a Custom Deck

    Are you seeking a way to expand your current outdoor living space to accommodate additional patio furniture, a larger cooking area, or even a heated spa? Adding a new deck or expanding an existing one can be the perfect way to achieve all of these solutions. Outdoor decks are one of the hottest trends among homeowners due to their versatility, design, and improved return on investment in home resale. Let’s take a closer look at the benefits of adding a deck to your current outdoor living space.

    • Ideal Entertaining Space
      Hosting a party and cookout on a deck provides a less claustrophobic and more comfortable space than being cooped up indoors. Guests will have a larger choice of areas to relax and socialize while enjoying the great outdoors. Cleanup is a breeze without the worry of carpet stains from spills and food mishaps.
    •  Extra Space for Relaxation
      A deck can provide a quiet and peaceful space to decompress after a hectic day. Imagine relaxing with your favorite beverage outside surrounded by the sights and sounds of nature.
    • Greater Cost Efficiency Than Indoor Improvements
      The addition of a deck is relatively inexpensive when compared to indoor home improvements that can take twice as long. The construction of a deck usually takes only a few days without disruptions to your daily living.
    •  Less Routine Maintenance
      Decks require substantially less cleaning as compared to indoor spaces. Periodic sweeping and washing can be done to maintain the beauty of the deck. Adding a weatherproofing stain can also greatly reduce discoloration and other cosmetic problems.
    • Outdoor Space Flexibility
      A deck can easily accommodate space for such items as a container garden, fire pit, large cooking area, and greater seating for outdoor meals. Decks can also provide a sturdy area for installation of a spa. By adding an awning or roof, the area be used year-round in many weather conditions.
    • Greater Home Resale Value
      A professionally built deck can increase the value of your home. A deck can be an attractive upgrade for many potential buyers and can even influence their decision in a home purchase.

    A professionally built deck can not only greatly enhance an otherwise dull outdoor area but also provide additional space for entertaining as well as relaxation. Contact us for more information on how we can design and build an ideal outdoor deck that fits your lifestyle and complements your home.

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