• Fence Etiquette for You & Your Neighbors

    When you get a fence, your yard is not the only thing that will be affected. Even though you have every right to make an improvement on your property, it’s always good to think about your neighbors who will have to look at the fence and have it be a part of their yard too, even if it’s “technically” not.

    Here are a few tips to consider when you’re getting ready to add a fence to your yard. Following these tips could prevent any disputes between you and your neighbor!

    Know Your Property:

     It’s hard to know the exact boundaries of your yard if you don’t have a fence. Before starting your fence project, know exactly what your property line is. It may be different than what you might assume. To be safe, most fence installation companies will install the fence at least a foot in from your boundary line.


    Depending on your reason for a fence, you and your neighbor might be able to work together during this process. This could save you both money if they decide they’d like a fence as well. Even if they aren’t planning on getting a fence, feel free to show them the design, so they can know what they’ll be looking on their side of the fence. It’s not necessary, but they’ll appreciate the thought! It’s also good to give them a heads up way ahead of time, just in case they are planning to have a party or do something different to their yard.


    This is the most important tip if you have close neighbors. No one wants to look at a dirty fence, so keeping up with regular maintenance is highly recommended! A light cleaning of your fence once every few months can go a really long way. It’ll also make the life span of your fence longer. Check in on the fence every month to make sure there’s no damage to it.

    If you have any questions about these tips during the installation process, just ask – we’re here to help. And visit our website to receive a free quote today!