• Fence Replacement or Repair: What’s the Best Option?

    A neat and regularly maintained fence increases the aesthetics and value of your property. It also protects your children and pets from wandering outside your yard. However, over time, it gets worn down or damaged, which calls for a decision of whether to repair or replace it.

    When to Repair Your Fence…
    Inspect your fence to assess the extent of damage and to get clues about the course of action to take. Typically, most repairs are easy, and you can handle them yourself or get a professional if time is not on your side and for a fresh finish. Signs to look out for depend on the fence type and include the following:

    Wood Fence

    • Rotten wood, especially at the base; it is a clear sign as it causes non-sturdy or uneven posts
    • Broken, split, or missing boards
    • Presence of mold, algae, and moss
    • Bowing
    • Holes and cracks in your fence brought about by excess moisture or insects
    • Loose boards that may collapse at any time


    • Bent posts
    • Damaged rails
    • Rust or corrosion
    • Posts that have shifted


    • Cracks in a few panels

    When to Replacement Your Fence…

    Whatever the type of fencing material, you can tell that fence replacement is the best option by considering these points.

    • You are always repairing portions of your fence now and then. You’d better replace it once for all, especially if it is an old fence.
    • Use the 20% rule, which states that replacement is the best option where more than 20% of your fence requires repair.
    • If your calculations reveal that repairs are more costly than replacement, then get a new fence. This means that the repair costs for 20% of your fence are higher than the 20% replacement cost.
    • For consistency, particularly if you have kept repairing different portions through the years in such a way that the style and color no longer match.
    • When it no longer meets your needs or provides enough privacy, you can replace it with a better type of fencing.

    Can Your Insurance Help Pay for Fencing Repairs or Replacement?

    Yes! Many homeowners have their fencing covered under their insurance which will help cover the costs of repairing or replacing their fence due to damage. Check with your insurer for details.

    If you are still stuck on whether you should repair or replace your fence, contact AllStar Fence and Deck. Our experienced team will help you figure out the best decision to make based on your specific situation.