• Hire a Fence Contractor to Add a Picket Fence Before Yard Renovations

    Working on your backyard is a great way to make it a better place for spending time, but the improvements will not have a noticeable impact on the curb appeal. You may want to work on the front yard landscape to make your home more attractive from a frontal view. Beforehand, you should hire a fence contractor to install a picket fence to get ready for landscaping upgrades.

    Gain a Better Perspective

    Before installing a fence, you can only imagine what the yard will look like with this addition. This can make it difficult to figure out what kind of changes you should make to the landscape.
    For instance, you may think that your front lawn makes the entire space look plain; however, a picket fence will hide a large portion of the grass when you are standing outside the property. This may encourage you to grow trees, bushes, and flowers that will grow taller than the fence.

    Protect the Front Yard

    When you make landscape improvements, you do not want new growth to be damaged. Installing a fence before doing front yard renovations can protect your landscape from animals as the gaps may be small enough to prevent rabbits from getting through and it can keep the neighbor’s dog from urinating in your yard.

    Avoid Fence Issues

    After installing the fence, you should make it a priority to protect it from damage. So, you want to avoid growing any trees with invasive roots that could damage the pickets or posts over time. If you decide to hire landscapers, they will see the fence and know what plants to avoid.

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