• How A Farm Fence Can Benefit Your Suburban Home

    You do not need to live in the country on a sprawling acreage with livestock galore to enjoy the benefits of a farm fence. Your smaller suburban property can easily embrace this fence style while enhancing the value of your outdoor living space.

    Define Property Lines

    A farm fence will define and give structure to your property lines without blocking the view. The added structure gives visual interest and provides an opportunity for landscaping along it. A backyard encapsulated by a privacy fence is not ideal for everyone or all properties making this fence a great solution.

    Rustic or Modern?

    Farm fences can meld into either category (and somewhere in between) depending on their surroundings. It naturally has a rustic feel, as it has traditionally been used on the farm to corral livestock, but the straight clean lines have the characteristics of modern design. This fence style is striking in an array of colors making it quite versatile. Classic white, soft black, or a natural wood tone all enhance the beauty of the fence and allow you to coordinate it with the style of your house.

    Extras for Additional Security

    Farm fences can be customized to have two, three, or four rails. If you have small children or animals, a four-rail fence can go a long way depending on the size of your pet and the escape artistry of your children! By adding a chain link fence into the overall design it becomes fairly inescapable, allowing you to have the extra security with the visual appeal of the farm fence style.

    If you are looking for a beautiful property defining fence for your city home, keep the farm fence in mind. A top craftsman is essential to ensure the quality is not compromised and your investment was worth every penny. Thankfully we have decades under our belt, specializing in fences. Contact Allstar Fence and Deck to learn more about your options and get your fencing project underway.