• How Long Does an Aluminum Fence Last?

    Aluminum fencing is affordable, durable and demands little upkeep. If you’re buying a new fence for the first time or want to replace old fencing, you might wonder just how long aluminum will last.


    This type of fence generally remains intact for at least three decades, but it has the potential to last far longer. Its actual longevity will vary depending on several different factors.


    Although it’s a low-maintenance material that doesn’t rust, aluminum requires occasional cleaning. This task eliminates algae, ensuring the finish will last a long time and adequately protect the metal.


    The size and proximity of nearby trees can have a big impact on the lifespan of this structure. If a tree or major limb falls on a metal fence, some or all of the fencing may need replacement.


    Is it near a road or parking area? If so, this location has the potential to reduce its life expectancy because of the increased risk of car accidents. Adequate lighting and signage can minimize this danger.


    If your area experiences tornadoes or larger storms with very high winds, any type of fence might not last as long. The primary risk is that falling or windblown objects may strike and damage aluminum.


    The configuration and thickness of the metal holds considerable importance. Thicker aluminum could increase the price, but it may enable your fencing to survive extreme weather and accidents.


    The manufacturer’s guarantee might help you estimate the lifespan of a fence. These warranties usually stay in effect for at least 20 years, and some companies may even offer lifetime coverage.

    A fence will only last a long time if it’s installed correctly. AllStar Fence & Deck offers well-made products and expert installation. Please contact our friendly staff for all of your fencing needs.