• How to Clean and Maintain an Aluminum Fence

    The decision to get an aluminum fence for your property is an excellent one. This style of fencing not only has a great look but has long-lasting durability, resists mold, and holds up against weather damage. Despite the low level of maintenance an aluminum fence requires, you still must care for it from time.

    This allows it to last you for as long as possible and keeps it looking great the entire time. Thankfully, there are certain things that you can do to ensure that your fence is well cared for. Here are three great tips for caring for your aluminum fence.

    Clean With Mild Dish Soap And Water

    Your aluminum fence will become dirty over time, and you should take the time to clean it. All you need is mild dish soap and warm water.

    1. Select your first section of fencing to clean. Remember, you don’t
    2. Spray your fence down with your garden hose.
    3. Use a sponge or other cleaning tool to scrub down the entire fence working from top to bottom.
    4. Rinse off all the mild dish soap with your garden hose and move on to the next section of your fence.

    You really only need to wash your fence like this about once a year to remove any build-up, grass clippings, dirt, and fertilizer chemicals. You also get the benefit of keeping your fence looking as fresh and clean as when it was first installed.

    Use Degreasers and CLS For Stains

    If you see that your fence is beginning to stain, you have a couple of options for stain removers.

    Degreaser: Best to use for simple stains or as your first attempt to remove a stain.

    CLS (calcium, lime, and rust remover): Best to use for stubborn stains and hard water stains.

    When using either of these cleaning solutions, simply make sure you completely rinse them off the fence with water when you are done cleaning. Always read the application directions of the degreaser or CLS you pick up.

    Check Your Screws

    The screws on your aluminum fence can become loose over time, so it is important that you take the time to check all of them. If you find any that are loose, you can easily tighten them up. This includes both your fence and your gate. This thorough inspection allows you to keep your fence secure, which can prevent future problems.

    If you think your fencing is at the end of its lifespan and are interested in installing a new fence, contact Allstar Fence & Deck to discuss the type of fencing best for you. We even offer instant online quotes!