• How to Make a Deck Safe For Everyone

    If you’re fortunate enough to own a home with a deck, you have an outdoor living area that probably provides an excellent space for socializing and relaxation. Some people also like to cook and eat meals in this area. Nevertheless, it’s crucial to prevent falls by ensuring that you have a safe deck before you plan any activities.


    If this structure stands more than 2.5 feet above the ground, it ought to have a railing. The maximum allowable gap between posts is a half foot, and the open space under the bottom rail shouldn’t exceed four inches. Check for adequate fasteners, sturdy construction and splinter-free surfaces.


    Take the time to closely inspect building materials. Discolored or soft wood may have started to rot. This can make surfaces too slippery, and boards will break more easily. Badly rusted fasteners also compromise the structural integrity of a deck. Be sure to schedule repairs if you notice considerable deterioration.

    Check boards and posts for large cracks. Major splits indicate that the lumber could shatter relatively easily. Observe how the deck reacts when you walk on it. If it sways or produces loud noises from time to time, you might need to upgrade its support structure.


    Someone could trip on an uneven plank and fall; a safe deck has a flat walking surface. During the summer, one or more boards might gradually bend upward and loosen its fasteners. You may need to replace them or install new screws. Adequate lighting also enhances safety if anyone uses the deck at night.

    A professional contractor can address the above-mentioned hazards by fixing, upgrading or replacing this structure. Keep in mind that it usually costs less to arrange repairs before minor problems turn severe. To get started, please contact us for a quote or further details on our services.