• Neighbor Etiquette When Having a New Fence Installed

    When choosing to install a fence in your yard, it is important to choose the right fencing company and the right fence for your yard. However, sometimes you need to make one more consideration – what your neighbor think about it? Now, if you are installing a fence in the middle of your property nowhere near the property line, your neighbor really has no say in it. Unfortunately, things can be messy when you install fencing around your property, and many landowners want to know the proper etiquette for it when it comes to their neighbors.

    Know the Perimeter

    Before anything else, you will want to know where the legal property line is. Depending on your neighbor, you may be able to build directly on the line with no problems. Some finicky neighbors may want to ensure that the fence is fully on your own property by building a foot or two inside the property line. Regardless, no matter what else, you don’t want to be building a fence on someone else’s property.

    Talk to Your Neighbor

    The easiest way to avoid conflict with your neighbor before fencing installation is to inform them of your intent. Keep the conversation clear on where you want to build it, when it will be built, and ask them if they have any concerns. This helps prevent conflict before the actual building starts and is sometimes the most important step in the process.

    Understand Your Homeowner’s Association

    If you live in a suburb that has a Homeowner’s Association, they may have specific rules for new fencing installations. This could be a mandate that demands specific styles, materials, or a minimum or maximum height for the fence. It would be a shame if you had your fence built only to have it need taken down again because of a violation.

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