• Prevent Storm Damage By Inspecting Your Fence Now

    When expecting a large storm, it’s important that you’re prepared so that your home and landscaping do not suffer a lot of damage. If you have a fence surrounding your property, it’s a good idea to take a close look at your fence before any storms hit – if you catch and rectify a problem ahead of time, you can drastically decrease the amount of damage a major storm can cause.

    Check the Stability of the Fencing Posts

    Your first step should be to check the stability of the fencing posts. Walk along your fence and give each of the posts a good shake, making sure that the individual fence posts feel sturdy. Posts that are not firmly in the ground or are in poor condition can lead to them toppling over once it begins to get windy.

    Check for Worn Down Boards

    Any worn down boards that feel loose can snap off during a storm and go flying, potentially causing other damage as flying debris can be quite dangerous.

    Check the Soil Surrounding the Fence

    Take a good look at the soil surrounding your fence – on both sides. If any soil is loose or if there appears to be any erosion, you should look into getting that squared away. Fencing that is situated in loose soil is more likely to suffer damage in a strong storm.

    Do not wait until after a big storm hits to check out your fence! Save the time and headaches that storm damage can cause by giving your fence a thorough inspection, and make a plan to correct any potential problems.

    Questions on what to do about any issues you find, or is your fence so damaged that it’s time for a new one? Give us a call at (615) 635-8040 – we’d be happy to talk through your options!