• Privacy Fences Vs. Open Fences

    As Robert Frost wrote, “Good fences make good neighbors.” How to apply that quote is anyone’s guess. Just as people set boundaries for a variety of purposes, so too do our literal fences serve to establish a particular set of boundaries. Thus, one must look at his or her circumstances before determining whether to build a privacy fence or an open fence.

    What a View

    Clearly, privacy fences stop neighbors and onlookers for snooping into your backyard, but they can also prevent you from looking out. If you live in a home with a view, you may want to consider an open fence such as aluminum or chain link, unless your house happens to stand higher than your fencing.

    Who Should View

    Who are your neighbors? Is there a reason you would want to block out the view? Do your neighbors have an annoying dog (or several annoying dogs)? Privacy fences may help stop them from barking every time you go outside. Or conversely, if you’re the one with a dog, a privacy fence can work the other way. No reason to bother your neighbor.

    Where’s the View

    At times, a property’s location is not ideal, and your need for a privacy fence may have nothing to do with your neighbors. Does your backyard border a busy street or walkway? Privacy fences are a simple block against gawking strangers. Plus, a beautifully constructed privacy fence can create an oasis in the rough. Not only do they block out that unsightly hustle and bustle, they can muffle some of the humdrum clamors.

    Whether you go privacy or open, fences are great way to add value and character to your property.Contact us today to learn more about your fencing options!