• Signs Your Chain Link Fence is Structurally Unsound

    Unlike other fencing materials, chain link fences are less likely to be damaged by weather or insects, making them an extremely popular and resilient fencing option. However, while these fences tend to last longer than others do, your chain link fence will still need to be replaced eventually should its structure become damaged. Here are the two primary indicators that your chain link fence is in need of replacement.

    Bent Frame

    While chain link fences are extremely sturdy, that doesn’t mean they are indestructible! Storms, animals, or people can cause the frame to become bent. The problem with this is that the frame supports your entire fence. Warping of the frame can cause the other components of the fence to become bent, warped, and twisted as well. In this way, the structural integrity of your entire fence will become compromised – maybe beyond repair. In this case, rather than relying on a deformed fence, it will be best to simply have it replaced.

    Sagging Fence

    An additional sign you can look out for that the structural integrity of your fence has become compromised is if your fence appears to be sagging. This can be a common problem as the fence gets older. A sagging fence is likely no longer sturdy, and is not protecting your property as well as it once did; for safety and security’s sake, it is best to have a sagging fence replaced.

    Chain link fences are a great fencing option, as they can stand strong for many years. However, nothing lasts forever, and your fence will eventually need to be replaced. The important thing is to know the signs to look out for that can indicate that your fence may be in need of replacement. This will allow you to have your fence inspected, and if necessary, replaced, before it becomes a problem by compromising the security of your property.

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