• Top Fence Building Mistakes

    Fences are a wonderful addition to a yard! They provide protection and privacy to your family. But there are a few mistakes that are often made by homeowners in the Greater Nashville TN area when building fences in their yards that you will want to avoid.

    Choosing the Wrong Type of Fence 

    There are many different kinds of fences. Each type of fence provides different usability to a home. Choosing the wrong type of fence can lead to disappointment in the future. Make a plan for why you want a fence and then choose the best one that will suit your needs. Choosing the correct height of the fence is also important. Fences come in a variety of heights. You will need to determine how tall you want your fence to be before purchasing because this will affect the supplies you buy.

    Placing Gates in Wrong Places

    Plan out the fence before you start your fencing project. Putting a gate in an inconvenient place will not be easy to fix. Make sure to also plan for future use of the gate! For instance, do not put in a gate that is only big enough for people to walk through if you are going to need to move large items through it.

    Not Following Property Lines 

    Fences are expensive and the last thing you want to do is place your fence on someone else’s property. There are also fencing laws that require you to place your fence a predetermined amount of feet away from your property line. Before starting your fencing project check into this and plan accordingly.

    Digging into Underground Utility Lines 

    Fence posts have to be placed into the ground. That said; make sure you have your utility lines mapped out before the process of digging begins for your fence.

    Not Properly Spacing Fence Posts 

    Not spacing your fence posts properly will lead to higher costs if the posts are set too close or weak points in your fence when they are spaced too far apart. The amount of spacing between posts will be determined on the type of fence you have chosen for your fencing project.

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