• Use the Right Fence to Create a Winter Wonderland or a Rustic Garden

    Different people want to create different looks for the outsides of their homes. In fact, there’s something to be said for exterior decoration as well as interior decoration! The color in which you paint your home, the way you keep your yard, the plants you grow in it and the type of fence you use to surround it can all help to create different looks. So be sure to coordinate these when you’re setting up a home.

    Here are some fence color tips that will help you to create different looks for the exterior of your home:

    Slate Grey to Create a Winter Wonderland

    If it is winter and not much is growing in your yard, you can paint your fence blue-grey or slate grey to create a wintry look which is sophisticated and calming at the same time. This technique works well if your home is also painted in the same cool colors.

    Even if you live in a place where it doesn’t snow, you can still create a wintry look in your yard. Try creating a rock garden and using dried branches for decoration. Stone accessories scattered around the yard also work well with the winter theme.

    Use a Stain to Create a Rustic Look

    If you’re going for a rustic, well-worn look in your yard, you can use a stain on your fence to match. A rustic yard is one that looks like it has just been thrown together but it has really been carefully crafted to create little nooks and crannies that fit in with the natural environment.

    A rustic garden might contain asymmetrically planted flower beds or plants that grow a little wild. Small gravel paths, naturally growing trees, natural-looking rock gardens and tables, and chairs placed in strategic corners can all make a lovely, rustic-looking yard.

    Plus, a fence that has been painted with a stain will fit right in. The advantage of a stain is that it adds a touch of color but also lets the grain of the wood show from underneath. You can go with a green or blue stain to match the greenery of your yard.

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