• What Do You Look For in a Pool Deck?

    Pools are great additions to homes, but they are incomplete without a deck surrounding it. Here are some things that you will want to consider when adding a pool deck.

    This is the biggest concern for any homeowner with a pool deck. You will want to choose materials that are slip resistant and won’t burn your feet when it gets hot out. For instance, properly cleaned and stained wood doesn’t get very slippery, and wood doesn’t transfer a lot of heat. There are non-slip stains and finishes that you can use too.
    The design of the deck can reduce hazards as well. Including fencing around the deck will keep guests, pets, and children safe from falling in. If you are someone in your house has some mobility issues, it will help to include ramps in the deck design or low benches right by the water. This last will allow people to ease themselves into the shallow end.

    Decks don’t just expand the area that you can put a lawn chair. They improve the overall appearance of your yard. You will want to design your deck to blend into your landscape and feel like an extension of your house.
    You can also design built-in planter boxes and benches into your pool deck to make your home look truly luxurious. The important part is customizing the deck to your particular look.

    All decking materials will have to be swept regularly in order to remove debris that can turn moldy if allowed to sit and get wet. Some will need a regular scrubbing or power washing to stay clean. Wood really only needs to be swept clear regularly and stained once a year to stay pretty and safe, for instance.
    You might want to ask the company building the deck for advice on how to keep your pool deck in good condition. The builders will likely have a few ideas.

    If you take the above into consideration while picking materials and designing your pool deck, you will be able to enjoy it for years to come. Contact us today to learn more.