• What To Ask When Determining The Type Of Fencing You Want

    The decision to have a professional build a fence for you is an excellent one. However, you still need to decide what type of fence you’d like to have installed. This can often be a difficult choice to make and is one that you should carefully consider.

    Here are three questions to ask yourself when determining what type of fencing you want.

    What is the main purpose of your fence?

    One very important question to ask yourself is what is the main purpose of your fence? Do you want your fence for privacy, protection, aesthetic appeal, or something else? Thinking about this can help you to narrow down the list of possible fence types. For example, if you want a fence that is tall and offers privacy, then you can immediately discount a picket fence.

    Are there any HOA or other city requirements?

    Another important question to ask yourself is are there any HOA or other city requirements that you need to consider when building a fence?

    If you live in a neighborhood that has an HOA, then they may have stipulations in place when it comes to your fencing. There may also be regulations from the city, such as how tall your fence can be, how far it must be from your home, the property line, etc. Knowing all this beforehand can help you to make sure that you build a fence that meets all requirements.

    A huge upside to working with a professional fence contractor is that they will be able to help guide you through existing requirements.

    How Much Maintenance Do You Want To Deal With?

    Thinking long-term about your fence is also very important because you want a fence that will last you for many years. One thing to think about when it comes to what type of fence you should choose is maintenance. Different types of fences require more maintenance than others, so this should be a factor in your decision. Some fences require very little maintenance, like aluminum fences, while other types of fences can require a great deal more maintenance, such as wood fences.

    Next Steps…

    As you answer the questions above, you will see a clearer picture of the type of fence you want for your property. You may have even found a fencing contractor to help you in this process.

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