• When Can You Stain a Pressure Treated Wood Fence

    When you first have a wood fence installed, many times the wood doesn’t come stained at all. Instead, the wood will be installed after undergoing a pressure treatment. While the bare wood looks nice, you may be in a rush to stain it either for aesthetics or protection. Yet, you will have to wait a bit just so you aren’t wasting your own time.

    What is Pressure Treating?

    When it comes to pressure treating wood, it is a lot like using a pressure cooker in the kitchen. The wood is placed in a large vat with a liquid mixture, then placed under immense pressure so the chemicals penetrate every part of the wood. The wood soaks up the treatment, is dried, and comes out enhanced. Pressure treated wood is much like it has already been stained. It is water resistant, insect resistant, and resists rot.

    Why You Shouldn’t Stain Pressure Treated Wood

    If you accidentally stain a pressure treated wood fence after it is installed, nothing bad will happen. The wood will still be stained and it will not be harmed in any way. However. You will likely need to stain the fence in a few months again. Due to the protection provided by pressure treatment, it makes it difficult for the wood to absorb anything else. This means it isn’t absorbing water that causes rot, but it also means it can’t absorb stain to protect it either.

    When Can You Stain a Pressure Treated Fence

    Over time, you can — and should — stain your pressure treated fence. The pressure treatment gives it great initial protection that will last, but it needs care eventually like any wood fence. It is recommended to wait at least six months before staining your fence. By this time, the wood will be able to absorb the stain so that the stain will have its normal lifespan.

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