• When Is It Time to Replace Your Fence?

    Not only does your fence add value to your home and improve curb appeal, but it’s also an important security feature that protects you and your family. Except for inclement weather and accidents, well-maintained fences typically last up to 15 to 20 years.

    So, when do you call it quits on repairs and move forward with a replacement?

    For Chain-Link Fencing

    Excessive Rust Buildup. Even with modern coatings, rust will eventually wear away the metal and break down your fence’s structure. While it’s possible to treat small amounts of rust, an extensive buildup is a telltale sign that it’s time for fence replacement.

    For Wood Fencing

    Discoloration. Wooden fences are durable, natural, and beautiful. However, since wood is an organic material, exposure to the elements and UV light will degrade the material over time. As wood starts to discolor and turn gray, it also gets drier and loses its strength. If you find weak spots or other signs of decay, you should get a new fence.

    Holes. The elements, fungi, and pests such as termites can wear away even the most rigidly constructed fences over time. You can repair a few holes in an isolated area, but widespread holes or rotting usually indicates a more significant problem. Replacing the entire fence is the more cost-effective solution.

    Wooden fences can be an array of styles ranging from Farm Fences and Picket Fences to a more custom Privacy Fence.

    For the General Construction of a Fence

    Fence Is Leaning.  While this problem can happen to any fence, it’s primarily common among privacy fences. It usually happens because of ground shifting caused by flooding or tree roots. Leaning can also occur if post holes are too shallow or if the posts themselves begin to rot and can no longer sustain the weight of the fence.

    Extensive Accidental Damage. When your fence suffers damage due to fallen tree branches, inclement weather, or a car running into it, sometimes repairing it may be as simple as fixing the damaged section. This type of repair is especially true with wooden fences. However, when metal fences get hit, the damage often affects more of the structure as a whole. If the accidental damage affected a large area and caused loose footings and weakened posts, consider contacting a fence contractor to advise you on whether a total replacement is necessary.

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