• Why Choose Vinyl Fencing?

    With so many options out there, choosing the perfect fence for your home can be a challenge. It is important to consider your needs and the purpose of your fence when deciding what style is right for you. In recent years, more and more people are opting for vinyl fencing over traditional wood fencing. Vinyl fencing is a convenient and reliable option choice for the following reasons:

    Low Maintenance

    Vinyl fencing does not require any painting or staining. Scratches and dents cannot be seen and the only cleaning your fence will require is a quick rinse off every once in a while – Mother Nature may even take care of this for you!

    UV Protected

    Since vinyl fencing is UV protected, you’ll never have to worry about damage from the sun. The color and brightness of your fence will always remain intact, keeping your fence looking brand new!

    Cost Effective

    Here at Allstar Fence and Deck, we guarantee that your fence will last a lifetime. With virtually no maintenance, the initial cost of the fence and installation is the only expense you’ll need to worry about, making vinyl fencing the most cost effective option over time.


    Vinyl fencing is five times stronger than wood fencing and has the ability to bend, ensuring that your vinyl fence will stand strong through harsh weather and changing seasons.

    Style Choices

    Choosing vinyl fencing allows you to pick from a wide array of color and style options. With endless possibilities, you can design a fence that is both functional and fits your unique personality!

    We hope that you will consider our vinyl fencing for your next project. Contact us at Allstar Fence and Deck for more information about vinyl fencing and to receive a free quote