• Why It’s Important to Leave Fence Building to the Pros

    There’s an old saying: “Good fences make good neighbors.” While that’s very true, the key words here are “good fences,” because badly built fences will not only cause problems for you, they’ll also cause problems for your neighbors… which in turn can cause even more problems for you.

    Fence building is a skill with many facets. Skipping any steps, underestimating complexities or missing even the smallest consideration can cost you in time, materials, and relationships with your neighbors. Here are some of the biggest headache-generating mistakes DIYers can make when attempting to build and install their own fences:

    Know Your Boundaries.

    Don’t assume you know where your property lines are; their exact location may surprise you. Encroaching on city-owned property or that of your neighbors could cost you in legal fees and fines. Also, some areas don’t allow fences to be erected for various reasons. Zoning laws for your specific property must be checked, or you could be in violation of height or placement requirements.

    Grading Issues.

    Unless you live on perfectly flat land (which is highly unlikely), your property will have some variations in grading, whether it slopes or has dips and rises. To allow for these fluctuations, special carpentry skills and tools are needed so you don’t end up with large gaps under the fence that could get even larger over time.

    Proper Post Placement.

    If fence posts aren’t deep enough, anchored with the proper materials, or allowed to set long enough, your fence could collapse at any time, especially in strong winds.

    Gate Errors.

    Where you want to put a gate and where gates should actually go may be two different things; also, the width and design of your gate depends upon its intended use. Is it just for foot traffic or will you be driving larger equipment like a riding lawn mower through it? Also, if the gates aren’t set correctly or the proper hardware isn’t used and accounted for, problems will arise.

    These are just some of the things that can go wrong with improper fence installations. Besides these construction mistakes, you can choose the wrong type of fence or the wrong materials if you don’t consult with trained professionals who can foresee issues you may not be able to. While DIY projects can be a satisfying way to add value to your property, there are some jobs better left to the pros, like those at Allstar Fence and Deck. Visit our website today for a free estimate on your next fencing project.