• 3 Tips for Preparing Your Wood Fence for Winter

    As the weather gets colder and fall turns into winter, it is important that you prepare your wood fence for this weather change. This can do a lot to preserve your fence, which can reduce repairs and lengthen the life of your fence. Here are 3 excellent tips for preparing your wood fence for winter.

    Remove Any Debris Around Your Fence

    Before the snow begins to fall, it is important that you remove any debris that has gathered around your fence. This includes things like leaves, yard clippings, dirt, etc. Removing this debris is so important because it will become wet in the winter and will hold the water in. This moisture may then cause mold or mildew to form on the base of your fence. This in turn can weaken your fence, creating the need for repairs and potential replacement.

    Replace Any Weak Boards Or Posts

    If you notice that any of your fence boards or posts are feeling flimsy and weak, it is best to replace them before winter comes. These pieces will likely become even more weak and could potentially break if you don’t take the time to repair them beforehand. In contrast, if you prepare your fence before the winter comes, your fence will still be strong and need minimal, if any, repairs come the springtime.

    Apply A Fresh Stain

    Take the time to apply a fresh stain to your entire wood fence before it gets too cold. The oil base of the stain will create a shield of protection between any moisture that your fence may come in contact with during the wintertime. This can help decrease the chance of cracking due to the shrinking and expansion of water in the wood and it can also help with any mold or mildew issues.

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