• Best Fencing Options for Backyard Sound Reduction

    Location is one of the most influential factors when selecting your home. Many of us enjoy being close to conveniences like shops and restaurants, but increased noise is the tradeoff for most. Not every home can be off the main path where silence is abundant.

    If you want to capture a little more peace in your backyard, installing a new fence can help. As a physical barrier, a fence will block sound. Certain fencing, like a chain-link fence, isn’t built to reduce sound, but other types are capable of absorbing sound to keep your backyard atmosphere quieter.

    Wood Fencing

    Wood is the classic choice for traditional privacy fences. These fences allow privacy and also damper noise. While wood excels in blocking noise pollution, it does need a fair amount of attention. However, it looks beautiful, and no material absorbs noise like wood.

    Maintenance Required: You will need to repaint or re-stain the fence every few years to ward off rot.

    Vinyl Fencing

    While vinyl doesn’t absorb quite as well as wood, it is the low-maintenance option for many. Vinyl is a material that won’t wear down or rot.

    Maintenance Required: A simple hose down and wash about once a year will maintain a good look!

    Double-Layered Fencing

    Whether you choose wood or vinyl fencing, what you want for maximum noise reduction is a double-layered fence. Instead of a single layer, there will be a front, a back, and a space with just the posts in-between.

    This design provides an extra buffer that will absorb sound and is a must for living on noisy streets. You will notice an immediate difference between a single-layer wood privacy fence and a double-layer one in this respect.

    Next time you drive down the highway or the main street around suburban areas, look at any backyard fencing you pass. The design is probably a double-layered one. Contact AllStar Fence & Deck with the type of fencing you are interested in, and our team can help make your home’s atmosphere more peaceful.