• Five Reasons to Choose Aluminum Fencing

    Do you need a sturdy but inexpensive fence to mark your property line, keep out trespassers, and add to the overall look of your home? Here are five reasons why aluminum fencing is the perfect choice for many fencing projects.

    1. Low Cost

    Aluminum fencing is a much less expensive alternative to more traditional wrought iron fences. While a wrought iron fence may cost you more money than a wooden fence, it’s not susceptible to rotting over time or being broken during or after the construction process.

    2. Low Maintenance

    Wood can become rotten and can break, and wrought iron fencing will need to be repainted every few years. Aluminum is also a nonferrous metal which means it will never rust.

     3. Security

    Want added security? Choose an aluminum fence with spear-tipped pickets. A fence like this is much more difficult to breach than wooden fences which can be scaled or chain-link fences which are simple to cut with the proper tools.

    4. Rakablity

    The ability of fences to be placed on properties that include hills is called rakability. If a fence is not rakable, it will leave gaps when going up or downhill. Most aluminum fence panels are rakable and can adjust to the slope of your property without much effort.

    5. Aesthetics

    Aluminum fencing provides you with a cost-effective and low-maintenance fencing option without sacrificing style. Aluminum fencing is available in a variety of styles to fit any landscape. Aluminum fences can also be more open and airy than many traditional fencing styles, giving you separation without looking like a wall cutting through your property.

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