• Important Facts and Considerations Before Installing a Privacy Fence (Part 2)

    Now, for part two of our series on installing a privacy fence.

    Aside from marketability, a privacy fence can also help your home stand out in a crowd once it’s time to sell. With hundreds of homes listed at any given time in a particular area, a privacy fence adds appeal to your listing, which other homes simply cannot offer.

    It should be noted, however, while a professional will install a fence around any part of your property, it’s not always advisable to install a fence in the front yard.

    Wooden privacy fencing around the front yard can decrease curb appeal and hide your home from potential buyers. It’s always best to consider future buyers even if you have no interest in selling yet.

    A privacy fence around a backyard is like adding an extension to your house. A large privacy fence surrounding your property increases your backyard safety, which allows pets and children to enjoy a worry-free backyard adventure and getaway oasis. In fact, home and family security are among the top reasons that people want a fence in the first place.

    For those interested in setting up their own backyard sanctuary or vegetable garden, a wooden privacy fence is your new best friend. It can help protect your garden and landscaping efforts from wildlife and prying eyes alike. This extra protection will allow all of your hard work to come to fruition without any fear of destruction from local wildlife.

    Join us next time as we cover part three of our privacy fence installation series.