• Maintaining Your Aluminum Fencing: What You Need to Know

    For many homeowners, aluminum fencing is a wise choice. Not only is aluminum lightweight and durable, it’s also rust-resistant and comes in customizable designs. However, as with any fencing material, there are some basic care and maintenance tips to keep your aluminum fence in tip-top shape.

    Use Caution with Weed Trimmers

    Despite the high durability of aluminum, using a weed trimmer or weed whacker in close proximity to the aluminum fence posts can cause paint to scratch and chip away. Over time, you may even cause permanent damage to the fence that will require repairs or partial replacement.

    Be Careful with Cleaners

    Typically, removing any grass clippings or other debris and hosing down your fence with water will be enough to keep it looking its best. However, in the event that your fence needs a deeper cleaning, be careful what types of chemicals you use. Specifically, be sure to stay away from harsh or abrasive cleaners. Generally, you can remove most stains from your aluminum fence using a mixture of warm water, a gentle dish soap, and a micro-fiber cloth.

    Touch Up Paint as Needed

    While the paint on your aluminum fence is meant to last, it is possible that small scratches could occur over time due to exposure to the outdoor elements. The best way to avoid corrosion and rust from scratches is to simply touch-up paint as needed. It only takes a few minutes of your time and will keep your fence looking like new.

    By keeping these simple tips in mind, you can properly care for your aluminum fence, and there’s no reason it shouldn’t last you many decades to come! Contact us today if you have any questions about maintaining your aluminum fence!