• Why Aluminum Fencing Is A Great Option For Dogs

    Trying to determine the best fencing material for your backyard can be difficult. However, when you throw dogs into the equation, the decision can be made even more difficult. One type of fencing that is excellent for dogs is aluminum fencing. Here’s why this type of fencing works so well.

    You Choose How Close The Pickets Are

    One awesome customization that you have with an aluminum fence is the choice of how close your pickets are. If you have a small dog, it is important that your pickets are very close together, so that your dog can’t squeeze between them. In contrast, if your dog is bigger, you can get away with pickets that are a bit further apart. This helps you to get the exact fence that you need for your dog and eliminates a great deal of worry.

    Durability That Can Withstand Dogs

    While it is important for a fence to resist weathering, it is also important that a fence for your dogs is durable enough to withstand them as well. Your dogs will likely jump, chew, pee, climb, etc. on your fence on a regular basis, so durability is crucial. Aluminum fences are powder coated to create a finish that can withstand all of this and more.

    Picket Points Are Rounded

    It is crucial that the fence itself will not harm your dog. Aluminum fences are made to be safe for both children and pets. The pickets at the top of the fence are helpful to stop anyone or anything from climbing over the fence. However, if your dog does happen to climb to the top of the fence, the pickets are rounded and will not harm your dog. Since you can’t watch your dog at all times, this is very important.

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